Carroll County All-Time Performance List
Cross County State Championships

In 1995, the state championship course at Hereford was certified. The state has since then used this course to keep track of course records at states, as well as the top 10 performers. I figured since the state did this, and it is always hard to find ways to compare athletes from different years, it might be neat to do this for the county for the state championships too.

Not all the statistics below are based only on the performances since 1995 - only those that compare times. For instance, one link below is all the county runners that have finished in the top 20 in the state. For every state meet result I get, I will add those athletes to this list regardless of the year it was accomplished.

This stuff may be more interesting to me then anybody - anybody that knows me knows I love stats. But I think it is neat to be able to see where you might land, or have a goal to move up a list or two below.


  • Team Overall Rank: The place each team got at states over the years -      Boys      Girls
  • Individual Qualifiers Over the Years: Currently I have from 1991 (except 4A in 1991) to 2009 (will continue to update with past years)
  • 4X State Qualifiers: Individuals that qualified for states all four years in high school (1991 to 2009)


TOP PERFORMANCES AT THE STATE MEET BASED ON PLACE (1991 to 2012 except 4a in 1991)